You take care of everyone else. It's time to take care

of you.

Psychiatric evaluation and medication management,

using secure video chat technology, from the

comfort of your home or private work space. 


* Currently accepting new clients, ages 18-65

* At this time, our services are provided only for residents of the following states: 

     Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, Washington D.C., and Washington (state). 


* Accepting Aetna, Cigna Behavioral Health, Humana Behavioral Health, and Tricare


* Self pay options available (see policies)

* We do not accept Medicaid, Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plans

* 30% Discount for active duty and retired military

Why Telepsychiatry?
  • Allows providers to serve clients in hard to reach areas

  • ​Provides privacy (no awkward waiting room; no one needs to know you're seeking mental health treatment) 

  • Allows for convenience (you're seen where you are; no traveling to an office) 

The Concerns?
  • A growing number of people being diagnosed with, and seeking treatment for, various  mental health concerns 

  • A national shortage of mental health providers

  • Rural areas are experiencing the largest disadvantage

Ready to Start?​
  • Whether it be anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other mental health concerns... let us help!

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